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If you want a free speech safe haven, this is your domain! Contributors will touch on subjects or opinions that people consider taboo. As the founder of the publication and main contributor, the content provided will be candid, independent, and thought provoking. Freedom of speech is an unalienable right given to us by our creator. All of this fits into the theme of “Taboo Topic.” People need to be honest with each other’s thought for true understanding. Social media has created a toxic environment of echo chambers, inhibiting our ability to have dioluge. I will always be honest with my readers where I stand. I also want my readers to know if you have a disagreement with me, it is your right to have a different perspective. And I will always have your back to have one!


It should be known to my readers Taboo Topic does land on the right end of the political spectrum. I believe in the lazier faire mentality of economics, small government both national and state as I believe we should be able to govern amongst ourselves. I will let you all know that anybody is welcome to read even if you land on the left end. My goal is to give insight how people think to understand what’s going on and why it’s happening. Too often the media does the narrating for us without actually taking the time to listen why people vote a certain way. Especially those in power! If we don’t want to destroy ourselves from within, there needs to be empathy and grace-we don’t have to agree to do both!


I did not grow up going to church. I did not step foot in a church until I was 14 years old. Honestly had no interest in the teachings when I first attended as I was mainly interested in hanging out with my crush. Long story short, eventually that year I answered God’s calling to salvation. Yes, Christianity is the faith I practice. So any article that is faith focused it will directed towards that audience. That includes those who are curious about the religion! It will be presented with grace and truth. There is some misconception that Christianity is a religion of love and peace only. That is not the whole story as there’s many parts of the bible that are deemed offensive by pop culture-regardless of pressure, it will be told how it’s presented. It is a free country if you choose to not believe! Understand also for anything political and culture, I try to view things from an absolutes perspective. Something to keep in mind!


Ah culture…so many things about culture we can touch on. It will range from entertainment (music, movie/shows, celebrities, sports, etc.) to family and life matters. For entertainment, while there’s mainstreams topics I will make commentary on, it will also include bringing light to people who deserve positive recognition. Some people you have never heard before, but that’s what this is about. This is also how poetry fits in this category, as poetry is a representation/literary style of how someone views the world around them. Talking about people and subjects the majority don’t see, or hear; whether it is out ignorance, or fear of rejection.

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Providing censurable material, from political and cultural opinions, to theological matters. It's Taboo to talk about!


Kenneth Drew

I believe in the freedom to question out loud without consequences.